Humidity/Temperature Sensor (Honeywell HIH8121)

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Plug & play compatible with every Crodeon Reporter

The HIH8121 humidity/temperature sensor by Honeywell is an industry leading product with high accuracy and reliability. Assembly by Crodeon onto a 5m PUR cable with a die-cast zinc M12 connector suited for outdoor use allows for direct compatibility with every Crodeon Reporter. Crodeon allows extending this sensor to a length of 30m using M12 extension cords.

Key features

  • Industry-leading long term stability (1.2 %RH over five years):
  • Helps support system uptime by eliminating the need to service or replace the sensor during its application life
  • Eliminates the need to regularly re-calibrate the sensor in the application, which can be inconvenient and costly
  • Industry-leading reliability (MTTF 9,312,507 HR): Thermoset-polymer capacitive sensing element's multilayer construction provides resistance to most application hazards such as condensation, dust, dirt, oil, and common environmental chemicals, which help provide industry leading reliability.
  • Lowest total cost solution: Delivers the lowest total cost solution due to the sensor's industry-leading combined humidity/temperature sensor
  • Combined humidity and temperature sensor: Allows the RH measurement to be temperature compensated, and provides a second, standalone temperature sensor output; allows the user to purchase one sensor instead of two
  • Wide operating temperature range: Allows for use in many applications
  • High resolution: High 14-bit humidity sensor resolution and 14-bit temperature sensor resolution
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant, halogen-free

Energy efficiency

  • Low supply voltage: Works in low energy and wireless-compatible applications to enhance energy savings and prolong system battery life
  • Low power consumption: The sensor goes into sleep mode when not taking a measurement within the application, consuming only 1 µA versus 650 µA in full operation in a battery operated system; sleep mode helps maximize battery life, reduces power supply size, and reduces the application's overall weight

Double filter protection

  • Outdoor filter membrane for first layer protection
  • On-chip hydrophobic filter and condensation-resistance, allowing for use in many condensing environments


  • HVAC/R
  • air compressors
  • weather stations
  • telecom cabinets
  • incubators/micro-environments

Physical Properties:

  • Weight (including cable): 140 g
  • Height: 15 mm (sensor head)
  • Width: 15 mm (sensor head)
  • Depth: 91 mm (sensor head)
  • Cable length: 5 m