Yearly Subscription

Yearly Subscription

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Extend the subscription of your Reporter in a few clicks!

This subscription is valid for 1 year, for any Reporter (STANDARD or MAX). After completing your order, we will process the extension for the Reporter of your choice.

What's included in the subscription?

The yearly subscription of the Crodeon Reporter includes 4 components:

  • The wireless GPRS connection of the Reporter, including the alarm notifications sent by SMS.
  • Use of the dashboard and the hosting and back-ups of all data in the cloud.
  • Service and intensive support by Crodeon, via email or phone.
  • Monitoring of the health of your device by Crodeon. If your device malfunctions for any kind of reason, then you will be notified about this within 24 hours.

This formula contributes to the principle of “monitoring without worries”, that Crodeon stands for. The Reporter is there to stop you from worrying, and not to start it.